Stretch ceiling

This option for the ceiling decoration has recently become fashionable and is very popular. Stretch ceilings are quickly mounted, look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and do not require thorough surface preparation. A variety of colors and shades gives great freedom in design with minimal installation and maintenance costs. The system consists of a recyclable canvas-like membrane that stretches and attaches to the perimeter of the aluminum guide. It can be installed without removing existing furniture from the room and used to hide existing wires and engineering structures.

The advantages of suspended ceilings
  • A huge selection of textures, colors, and designs
  • Quick way of decorating a room without preliminary preparation of the surface
  • After installation, provides absolutely perfect, smooth finished surface
  • Hides all the existing flaws of the ceiling
  • Do not accumulate dust, mold, odor or moisture. Resistant to chlorine, vapors, cold and heat
  • Comply with all safety requirements of USA and Canada (i.e. certified for obtaining construction permits)