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We want to make your home comfortable. Our goal is to bring simple, durable and colorful design solutions of the interior design to the market and make it better for customers and the environment. We offer flexible, cost-effective and efficient architectural solutions that are both practical and capable of providing a stunning visual effect.

The advantages of suspended ceilings
  • A huge selection of textures, colors, and designs
  • Quick way of decorating a room without preliminary preparation of the surface
  • After installation, provides absolutely perfect, smooth finished surface
  • Hides all the existing flaws of the ceiling
  • Do not accumulate dust, mold, odor or moisture. Resistant to chlorine, vapors, cold and heat
  • Comply with all safety requirements of USA and Canada (i.e. certified for obtaining construction permits)
Advantages of decorative painting
  • Ease of application with minimal surface preparation
  • A large variety of possible color schemes
  • The variety of textures: Mat, glossy, structural effects
  • All the colors are hypoallergenic
  • Decorative materials are able to disguise minor flaws and hide imperfections
  • A large portion of the compositions water-resistant, resistant to mechanical damage
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Our services provide impeccable, efficient and painstaking work that will significantly contribute to the overall look and effect of your home.

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Frequently asked questions about the decor
What is a stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceiling is a flexible membrane based on PVC 0.2 mm thickness, suitable for recycling, which is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including matte, satin, high gloss, perforated and translucent. The material can be printed or painted for additional effects, is entirely waterproof, washable and impervious to vapors. It is also maintenance-free, hygienic, non-toxic and has a fire resistance class in accordance with the standards of the USA and Canada.

How long a stretch ceiling?

Ceiling membrane is made from PVC film. It is quite durable and is therefore used for products with a lifespan of over 60 years! So we give long term warranty on our ceilings, but they will last much longer if they are not very puncture with a sharp object. And even in this case, repair is possible. Colors won't fade or crumble!

Whether the surface to "breathe", if a water based paint be applied over old oil?

Vapor-permeable coating called "breathing". From the point of view of ecological climate of the home is the best option for staining wood, concrete, brick facades, and walls and ceilings in the interior. The property of water vapor is lost, if the permeable coating is applied on top of the old a totally reflecting coating (oil paint, alkyd enamel, alkyd, or urethane varnish, organorazbavlyaemye impregnation with varnish coating, waterproofing). If you want to restore the ability of a surface to breathe, the old coating must be removed completely.

Is it possible to paint the walls, paint for ceilings?

The ceiling paint is not suitable for painting walls, as it is designed for a surface that does not require washing. Wall needs to be painted specially designed for this paint.

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